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I strive to create beautiful illustrations that make topics more accessible to audiences of all levels. I combine my technical and aesthetic skills with my research and observations to accurately represent the subject. I love to actively collaborate on projects with scientists and doctors and launching products throughout the year to share more with the general public. 

Art Products

- Graphite drawings / oil paintings
- Art prints
- Art note cards / greeting cards
- Printable wall art, coloring pages - available on Etsy
- Illustrated educational guide - Coming Soon
- Creativity activities - Coming Soon

Available to Purchase

Products covering a wide range of topics available in drawings, paintings, prints, cards, and printable options. Products will launch throughout the year, so check back often and reach out with any subjects you'd like to see!

Types of ProductS

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- Anatomical and Surgical Illustrations
Patient Education
- Cellular, Molecular, and Genetic
- Simple Animations and Video
- Presentations, Exhibits, Infographics, Flyers, Brochures
- and more

Custom Art and Design

From explaining topics to the lay public to highlighting your research in publications and educating medical and scientific professionals, I'm here to transform complex information into visuals that effectively and accurately communicate the desired subject.


Medical Illustration

Scientific Illustration


- Anatomical and Biological Illustrations
Educational posters and exhibits
- Geological, Systems, etc
- Simple Animations and Video
- Presentations, Infographics, Flyers, Brochures
- and more

Custom Art and Design

Art that encompasses all forms of science beyond health and medicine. Let's make your research and field of expertise visually appealing and understandable to reach your target audience. 



- Invitations and greeting cards
- Workbooks and course materials
- Planners and guides
- Visual identity - logo, brand colors, graphics, icons, and more
- Flyers, Brochures, Infographics
- and more

Graphic Design

Visual text and imagery with attention to detail to create content for a variety of end products to communicate ideas that inform, inspire, and captivate your intended audience.



- Animal portraits - oil painting or graphite drawings
- People portraits - graphite drawings
- Customize any of products for sale - add names, dates, etc.
- Wholesale greeting card with options to include your logo
- Graphics and visual assets to include in your branding
- anything else, reach out and ask

Commissions and Customization

From capturing special memories to customizing projects to suit your individual or business needs, I'm here to help you bring your ideas to life.

Types of Projects

How the Magic Happens

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Step 1. We start with a consultation to discuss the subject matter and requirements of your project. Deadline, rights, how it'll be used, references, etc.



Step 2. A proposal detailing the scope of work, estimated fees, and other terms and responsibilities is negotiated until both parties sign contract.

Work Begins

Step 3. Research and preliminary sketches, typically one to three rounds of revisions. Open communication reduces changes after approving sketches.

Final Artwork

Step 4. Upon approving sketches, I proceed to final illustrations. Upon approval, high-resolution files are delivered along with invoice for payment.

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