Original Artwork Realistic paintings with a timeless appeal. Commissions available.
Illustrations Realistic and elegant medical and scientific illustrations communicating effectively with the intended audience.
Commissions Available Original paintings and illustrations to capture your favorite companions. Contact us to learn more.
Eye Catching Design Bold, clean, and colorful designs to meet your needs. Communicate visually with your customers.
Wonderful Memories Your memories transformed into beautiful unique oil paintings.
Realism Explore my realistic artwork showcasing the beauty of animals.

Art Influenced by Science

Welcome to Townsend Majors LLC! We are skilled in creating art imitating life. Our realistic art transforms images and concepts into beautiful works which benefit others whether it is reflecting nature, meaningful memories, and/or educating the audience. Our passion for art, science, and animals pushes us to constantly learn and grow. We hope you enjoy exploring Townsend’s artwork.

Meet the Artist - Townsend

Since I was a little girl, I have always loved art and science. I did not always know I would be able to join my passions into a meaningful job, but I am excited to follow my dreams. I have a unique art background. My artwork is better because of it. I have always been a big believer in doing what you love.