While growing up around a family medical bookstore business, Majors Bookstores, I developed an interest in learning the structural framework for how life develops. Also, I have always admired how my uncle’s art, whether part of a Walt Disney movie or an oil painting, could capture a moment and leave a lasting connection to the viewer. Using my background in fine art and medical illustration, I am able to combine my multiple areas of interest. My strong passion to learn has always coincided with a desire to create something meaningful.

I enjoy capturing moments, memories, and experencies through my paintings. Medical and scientific illustration offers the unique opportunity to challenge myself to learn and unite art with science with the purpose of establishing a relationship with an audience to help teach them and further a desire to learn. I am surrounded by family and friends willing to help me pursue my goals and have fun in the process. As my grandmother, Marilyn, always said, “Are we having fun yet?”

Townsend Majors
Founder & Owner
Chief Morale Officer

Painting and Illustration

I enjoy utilizing using my fine art and medical illustration backgrounds in all of my paintings and illustrations. While my subject matters may vary, I create realistic works of art.

Graphic Design

I enjoy using my creativity and background in ways beyond my paintings and illustrations. Graphic design allows me to create useful works to engage the audience with visual appeal.


Master of Arts in Biomedical Communication from University of Texas Southwest Medical School. Bachelor of Fine Arts from Southern Methodist University with a minor in Mathematics.

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