Art Influenced by Science

Welcome to Townsend Majors LLC! We are skilled in creating art imitating life. Our realistic art transforms images and concepts into beautiful works which benefit others whether it is reflecting nature, meaningful memories, and/or educating the audience. Our passion for art, science, and animals pushes us to constantly learn and grow. We hope you enjoy exploring Townsend’s artwork, and think of us for your next project.

Fly Fishing / Sporting Dog / Pet Portraits

Oil Paintings

Beautiful realistic paintings that strive to capture memories and bring them to life through art.

Showcasing the art of fly fishing mirrors our desire to showcase the diverse personalities of our canine companions. Sporting dogs are apart of our lives and we accurately capture their personalities and beauty.

We don’t stop at fish and sporting dogs though. We love working on pet portraits and all different kinds of animals.

Medical / Scientific / Biological


Illustrations that accurately portray complex information to meet your medical, scientific, and educational needs.

We communicate effectively through accurate illustrations and design without compromising on the beauty of the artwork. We bridge the gap between complicated information and informative visuals.

I enjoy educating patients about their bodies and the procedures they or their loved one may be undergoing in an informative and unbiased way.

Logos / Inforgraphics / Flyers / Invitations


Let’s say goodbye to boring, and start designing with an artistic approach.

Smart design that grabs your audience’s attention while communicating effectively. Even simple and clean designs can be visually engaging. Our attention to detail makes even the simplest flyers stand apart from the rest.

Meet the Artist - Townsend

Since I was a little girl, I have always loved art and science. I did not always know I would be able to join my passions into a meaningful job, but I am excited to follow my dreams. I have a unique art background. My artwork is better because of it. I have always been a big believer in doing what you love.

One Brushstroke at a Time

Our original works all start from rough sketches and slowly develop into their final products. Our approach ensures we are constantly checking for accuracy and gradually developing  the attention to detail we are known for across all of our work.

Are We Having Fun Yet?

We are serious about our work, but we have fun in the process. We love what we do and our chasing our dreams, so we believe that it doesn’t have to feel like work.

The Little Things Matter

No matter how big or small a project may be, it is the attention to the small details that really bring them to life. Those finishing touches that bring the art to life matter just as much as the overall project composition.

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